January 2008 - December 2008

1. Executive Meetings

2. 40th General Election

3. Candidate Audits

4. Party Audit

The Party was required by Elections Canada to have an auditor prepare a statement of Assets and Liabilities up to the day that we became a fully registered Party.

5. Statement of Loss

A completed accounting by Talbot and Associates at the end of the election period shows our Party standing with a net loss of $2,531.00. Please see attached report.

We sent several appeals for financial support to members throughout the year as well as to the general public through our website. We continue to appeal to your generosity of heart so that we can spread the vision of a new Canada throughout all of the country.

We are with all of you. Let’s work together and make our dreams realities!



Roger Poisson Leader,
People’s Political Power Party of Canada


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