November 2004 - May 2008 Report

This is a cumulative report from November, 2004 to May, 2008.

We would like to emphasize the importance of our activities as an advocate for the rights of all people, and share with you our correspondence in item #8 of this report.

For more information, please correspond to us via e-mail at: or call our office at (204) 233-6087.

1. Party Development

2. Membership

  • First Confirmation: Names and addresses of 250 members to Elections Canada: From August 2005 – May 2006
  • Second Confirmation: Names and addresses of 250 members to Elections Canada: From February 2007 – June 2007
  • All memberships are now free.

4. Advertising

  • Conference: The Spirit of Christmas: Inn at the Forks,Winnipeg, December 7, 2005
  • Free distribution of Policy foundation CDs and DVDs
  • Printing and distribution of book, ”Supernatural Political Revelations by Self-Denial” By Roger Poisson, 2007
  • Second printing and free distribution of new edition of book

6. Government Meetings

  • October 12, 2006 Allocation of Broadcast Time during an election; all party representatives, Ottawa
  • March 12,13,2008 The Senate Committee on Legal and Constitutional Affairs Topic: Review of the Act to Amend the Canada Elections Act and the Income Tax Act all party representatives, Ottawa

7. Audit

Respectfully submitted to the members of the PPP and Elections Canada, with gratitude for allowing us to work for you. We solemnly promise that more beneficial actions are to follow.
Roger Poisson The Leader, Executive and Appointees of the People’s Political Power Party of Canada.

8. Letters & Correspondence 2004-2008

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II

Governor General Michaelle-Jean

Federal Government of Canada

Prime Minister Stephen Harper

Gilles Duceppe, Leader Bloc Quebecois

Jack Layton, Leader NDP

Green Party of Canada

Ron Gray, Leader Christian Heritage Party

The Yukon Party

All Members of Parliament

Right Honorable Paul Martin

Right Honorable Jean Chrétien

Right Honorable Brian Mulroney

Reg Alcock, Treasury Board President

Auditor-General Shiela Fraser

Senate Committee, Legal / Const. Affairs

Elections Canada

Broadcasting Arbitrator Peter Grant, Elections Canada

Manitoba Premier Gary Doer

NDP Party of Manitoba

Conservative Party of Manitoba

Liberal Party of Manitoba

National Grand Chief Phil Fontaine

Manitoba Grand Chief Ron Evans

MKO Grand Chief Dr. Sydney Garrioch

Mayor Sam Katz, Winnipeg

Winnipeg City Councilors

Offices of the City of Winnipeg

Winnipeg Police Chief Jack Ewatski

Manitoba Chambers of Commerce

Crown Attorney Stephen Christie, MB

Canadian Teachers Federation

Canadian School Boards

Provincial Ministries of Education

Provincial Trustee Offices

Canadian Club

Empire Club

Campaign Life Coalition, Leader

Canadian Bishops

Diverse Churches, Canada

Freemasons of Canada

Newspapers (National & Local)

Televisions Networks, (National & Local)

Radio Networks, (National & Local)

News Agencies, Internet/ National

Family of Canada: billboards, pamphlets, conferences, World Wide Web

Members of the P.P.P.

9. Letters & Correspondence: Topic Content

• A Stable Environment

• Respect

• Healthcare: Preventing disease

• Eliminating Poverty

• Welcoming Minorities

• Immigration

• Ending Crime

• Transparency and Accountability

• A Balanced Budget

• Unity for the Nation

• Peacekeeping for the World

• Sustainable Energy Program

• Industry: A Co-Operative System

• Honouring the Treaties

• Respect for Women

• Valuing the Family

• Eliminating the Welfare System

• Multi-nationalism vs the Common-wealth of All People

• Elections Canada

• War for Profit?

• Treasury Board of Canada

• Indifference of the Systems: Justice, Social and Family Service Systems

• Chaos in Education

• The Elite

• Human Rights

• Sovereignty of Canada

• Election Spending

• Income Tax and the GST

• Government Surpluses

• Residential Schools

• Members of Parliament: Fraud and Patronage Issues

• Credibility in Leadership

• To Serve and Protect: Law Enforcement Agencies in Canada

• Marriage

• Operating Costs of the Federal Government

• Servants of the People

• Justice & Peace for First Nations People

• The Real Victims of War: the Poor

• PPP Policies and Directions

• The PPP Is Recognized as an Official

• Federal Political Party

• Changing the System by Unity, Respect, and Equality

• Departmental Practice: Is It Procedure, Incompetence, or Hatred?

• Scandals in the Government

• Scandals in the Church

• The Correctional System

• Democracy or Dictatorship?

• The Culture of Denial


It is a very important time now as Canada’s government is showing its lack of care for its people. All institutions are crumbling, as are the lives of the people. We are here to give hope to you and the knowledge that we will make great changes for you. We are determined and confident to go forward. We have been working steadily for four years without salaries, with only a very small number of donations from very few people. Any amount we receive goes to cover expenses of paper, postage, rent for office space, heat, print cartridges, payment of the website, and the like. We have to wait to pay for our next financial audit, due to the high cost of getting it done. We want to begin to speak publicly with people and inform them of everything that we can do together, all across this country. The website has been invaluable in helping us spread our message but we need to meet all of you now. But, speaking plainly, we do not have the money to do this. We have only enough to manage month to month. Anything you can give us is greatly appreciated and will strengthen all of our voices, everywhere. It is time for us to be heard out there! Your donations will be out of the goodness of your hearts because we are not allowed to give receipts for income tax purposes until an election is called and our name is on a ballot. However, we will acknowledge your donation with a personal receipt and want you to know how beautiful it is that you believe in us. Our conviction for your happiness is the strength of this Party. With your trust in us, we go forward joyfully to attain what naturally belongs to all of us. Cheques may be made to People’s Political Power Party of Canada. Thank you!


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